Always a perfect fit

Since 1908 Carbox convinces with innovative product ideas and perfect quality.

Successful at work for generations

Limousine, small car, station wagon, van, van or SUV - today's vehicles are as different as the people who drive them. But their owners agree on one thing: they should be well looked after. You want a car that will leave a clean impression even after years as it did on the very first day.


With the invention of the Original Carbox, we have set standards for the interior of cars. Carbox is the epitome of quality and value retention. And not just since yesterday. Founded in 1908, the company has proven its innovative strength over generations. The results are not only numerous patents, but also a special trust of customers and suppliers from all over the world. And the success story continues: with new products, first-class service and exemplary commitment.


That's Carbox. Everything just fits.

Carbox under new roof

In September 2020, Carbox was acquired by the Swedish Calix Klippan Group.
CalixKlippan AB is a privately owned Swedish group that primarily supplies the automotive industry with high-quality products.
In addition to supplying components to car, truck and bus manufacturers, it also offers products for the aftermarket.

The best from our Manufacture

From development and design to production and sales, the Carbox team works hand in hand. All steps under one roof enable maximum flexibility: Large quantities fully automatically or small series in effective manual work - everything is feasible in optimum quality and available worldwide.


Inovative OEM

Every Carbox is art and craft at the same time: We work in close coordination with the automobile manufacturers not only to find the optimal solution, but also to think one step further. That's why we are OEM suppliers to many major manufacturers.


A long tradition of quality

One company, three generations: Carbox was founded in 1908 and has always been characterized by courageous, entrepreneurial decisions. From wool to mother-of-pearl buttons to carboxes, it was an exciting journey that grandfather, father and son chose with vision and passion.


OEM supplier for the automotive industry

We work together with the automobile manufacturers and are committed to developing and producing the perfect carbox for every car. Carbox is OEM supplier for Audi, BMW, Ford, Mazda, Mercedes Benz, Nissan, Opel, Porsche, Seat, Suzuki, Volkswagen series and Volkswagen accessories.


Social Engagement

For Stefan Bellinger as a family entrepreneur, the responsible use of resources and social responsibility towards employees, customers, the region and the environment play an important role. Carbox supports various institutions and organisations, especially in the Bremen region.