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Questions AND Answers


1. Can the article be ordered in different colours?
Various flat boot liners can be ordered in black, beige or grey, just like our footwell mats.

2. Is the Carbox Classic only available in black?

3. How long does the delivery take?

All our goods, subject to receipt of payment, are produced to order and leave our premises depending on the receipt of order. The dispatch takes place either by forwarding agency (Carbox CLASSIC) or by DPD (Carbox FORM, Carbox FLOOR and Carbox SPECIALS).


Shipping days are Wednesdays and Fridays (except or directly after holidays).


From day of shipment approx. 2 working days for DPD shipping or 3 working days for shipping by forwarding agent.
Please note that your delivery may vary by 2 days depending on the logistician.


4. Does the Carbox MultiMat come with the Carbox Form?
No, this must be ordered separately for the flat boot liners.

5. Is the Carbox Form flat boot liner included with the Carbox Form 2-Flex?
No, the Form 2-Flex is only the back part, which is attached to the back of the rear seats;
in order to be able to protect them when the rear seats are folded down.

6. Do you ship to a Packstation?
No. Since we ship parcel goods with DPD, it is not possible to ship to a DHL Packstation or a post office. Due to its size, the Carbox Classic is only shipped by a forwarding agent. Delivery to a Packstation or post office is also not possible here.

7. Can I register as a dealer in the shop?
No. The online shop is currently designed for end customers and only allows guest orders.
In a later version, there will also be a registration option with login for dealers and private customers.

8. To which account should the prepayment amount be transferred?
Please transfer the prepayment amount to one of the following accounts:

Bank name: Sparkasse Bremen
Account owner: Carbox
IBAN: DE39 2905 0101 0001 1977 71

Bank name: Oldenburgische Landesbank AG
Account owner: Carbox
IBAN: DE13 2802 0050 4652 3593 01

Bank name: Commerzbank Bremen
Account owner: Carbox
IBAN: DE10 2908 0010 0280 1000 00

9. Is a return possible if it does not fit?
Yes, a return is generally possible. We will send you a return label and ask you to return the parcel to a DPD parcel shop near you. In the case of forwarding goods, the responsible forwarding agent will contact you.

10. Does the Carbox MultiMat come with the Carbox Classic?
Yes, every Carbox Classic comes with the MultiMat as sill protection.


11. How does Carbox deal with the recycling issue?

Since 1987, we have been offering our customers the option of taking a Carbox back for scrapping. We clean the old product and shred it so that the raw material can be reused.
We have always done this with our material, whether it arises during production or post-processing - it never becomes waste, but always remains a recyclable material and is re-processed. For generations, Carbox has been working in a particularly sustainable manner in all areas. Longevity and recycling is our goal.


12. How temperature-resistant are the boot liners?

A car parked in the sun quickly reaches a temperature of almost 80°C in the load compartment in summer. A bad plastic product then deforms under load - a carbox does not.
In winter, with minus temperatures, cheap plastic becomes brittle and breaks under pressure. A Carbox can withstand this - guaranteed.


13. How does Carbox achieve this high fitting accuracy?

State-of-the-art technology and experienced employees ensure that everything always fits 100%. We trust in it and give you with a good certain 30 days right of return and 10 years guarantee.


14. Can a boot liner made of plastic be "sustainable"?

We at Carbox think "yes". If a product fulfils its function well and, above all, lasts so long (10 year guarantee). "You buy cheap twice" - with Carbox, longevity is the goal.
A resource-saving and Co²-reduced production, short way to suppliers and service providers from the region, 100% recycling, environmentally conscious actions of all employees - all documented by certificates and awards for decades; but above all "lived" at Carbox.


15. Why are the high sided boot liner only available from Carbox?

We have been producing the Carbox Classic since 1960. It takes a lot of know-how to produce such a good, durable product. It should fit perfectly, be robust and hard-wearing. In addition, it should be possible to install and remove it in a number of ways and it should be easy to clean.


16. Rubber, cheap plastic doesn't matter in the footwell?

We see it differently with Carbox. A dimensionally stable quality plastic will always be better. It does not smell, is abrasion-resistant and extremely resilient.


17. Why is the sill protection only available with Carbox?

To do this you have to precisely measure, build and produce it all - otherwise it won't fit properly and your sill will jam when you close it. Experienced Carbox employees who pay attention to every millimetre with attention to detail - we can do that!


18. Is there a slip resistance for the Carbox Form?

The top layer on the upper side is inseparably connected to the Carbox Form and provides slip resistance.


19. Can I also get a Carbox Form in dark green?

Unfortunately not, but the Carbox Form (low sided boot liner) is available in black, grey and beige - matching to your car. This also applies to all Carbox Floor (footwell mats). The Carbox Classic (high sided boot liner) is available in black and, depending on size, also in hunter-green.


20. Why does a Carbox not smell?
Because we only use the best plastic material, no rubber or cheap plastic. Our quality plastic even has a seal of approval for contact with food (RAL C3).


21. 30 days right of return - purchase without risk?

You may not yet know the products from Carbox and are not sure whether it is the right thing for you or not. Just take a look and use the time to think about. We at Carbox are sure that you won't want to give the Carbox away again. And if you do, you will get the full price refunded. That is really a purchase without risk.


22. What is the advantage of the plastics Carbox uses?

Carbox only processes plastics from Germany and the EU. We constantly check our suppliers in order to keep our quality promise. And short delivery routes protect the environment.


23. Why are Carbox products certified?

Carbox is an audited supplier to the automotive industry, which demands the highest standards. All Carbox products have this quality - our employees have no choice than to deliver the best quality.


24. What is so special about "Made in Germany" at Carbox?

High sided boot liners "Made in Germany" are exclusively available from Carbox. Carbox customers can be sure of buying a good product (quality) from the region (sustainability) with the best standards (10-year guarantee) that is developed and produced at the highest technical level (Top Innovator).


25. 10 years warranty - why does Carbox give such a long warranty?

We at Carbox trust in our high quality materials and the experience of our employees to always deliver the best quality. This is our DNA - 100% quality. And therefore we promise you a 10-year guarantee. Durability is our goal.



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